NXT Season 3, Episode 1 Rating is in

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According to Dave Meltzer at F4Wonline.com, the debut episode of NXT Season 3 garnered a 1.0, which is higher than the show performed most weeks.


Lineups for TNA Weekend House Shows

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This weekend, TNA invades Canton and Toledo, Ohio, as well as Windsor, Ontario. Matches for these shows include:

No Surrender Return Match:

The Pope D’Angelo Dinero vs. Mr. Anderson

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match:

The Motorcity Machine Guns vs. Beer Money Inc.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match:

Angelina Love (w/Velvet Sky) vs. Madison Rayne

Fourtune vs. EV 2.0

Rhino vs. Matt Morgan

Also including: Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Kazarian, and More!

*SPOILERS* WWE Smackdown-September 10, 2010

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Here are the complete spoilers for tonight’s episode of Smackdown. As always, if you don’t want to know, stop reading now.

Source: Ken McAndrew and PWInsider.com

* Kane/Taker recap video to open, then usual SD open and pyro.

* They announced Taker and Punk, and then the gong hit and Taker was in the ring, fire going off on stage. He talked about how he’s had to protect Kane from others and himself, so he’ll have no problem beating on him at the PPV. Taker says he still controls the power of the darkness. He said Kane will always remember his older, wiser, more evil brother would take his title back. Taker says no rules can contain them, and says the match must be no holds barred.

* CM Punk comes out alone, clapping. He tells everyone to stand and give Taker a round of applause fitting his legendary status. Punk says after the PPV none of us will see Taker again. He enjoys watching Taker on his own downward spiral, seeing a broken down man who’s had one too many fights and is delusional.

* Taker says he sees his next victim. Punk says he doesn’t hear the same panache in Taker’s voice, saying he’s facing Big Show at the PPV (for no title I guess?) Taker says Punk will rest in peace, and we break.

* Jack Swagger vs. MVP – they showed a recap of last week’s VIP Lounge. It looks like MVP added the triple German suplexes, but only got two before Swagger elbowed out. Swagger did an abdominal stretch on MVP through the ropes. MVP hit the Ballin elbow, but Swagger slipped away before the 305. MVP followed and Swagger kicked the steps into MVP’s knee, leading to the ankle lock for the tap.

* Laycool and Kaval in the back, arguing over who would face Melina, saying Vickie let either defend. Kaval said it was his first night on SD, and could the girls please chill? They heeled him a bit, saying he wouldn’t be there if not for them.

* Next is a history of Taker and Kane.

* Tony Chimel announces Alberto del Rio’s ring announcer, who announced Alberto.

* Alberto del Rio (with Orton’s old sparkler curtain) vs. Matt Hardy – Matt’s back to camouflage pants and no singlet. Alberto hit Matt on the apron with a running enziguri that was real loud. Matt hit an inverted Twist of Fate, ending with an elbowdrop for two, followed by a moonsault for two. They fought up top, with Alberto dropping to the floor to hang Matt’s gut. Ram to the post followed by a flip into the cross-armbreaker for the tap. Afterwards, Christian ran Alberto off. Long TV match.

* Drew McIntyre vs. Kaval (who already has better music and video than Daniel Bryan) – Drew hit a nasty suplex on the floor, landing Kaval on the apron. Kaval with an enziguri from the top rope, but Drew rolled out before Warrior’s Way. Kaval went for a rana from the apron but Drew essentially powerbomed Kaval. Back in the ring, Drew hit the Future Shock DDT for three. Laycool came out to check on Kaval, but were icky at his sweat. They helped him to the back.

* DASHING Cody Rhodes with grooming tips – how facials are good for men, while wearing a green facial mask.

* Vickie and Caitlyn came out…again. Vickie kept berating Caitlyn’s promo work, then introduced Dolph Ziggler. Chavo (with short tights) also came out and the whole group came to the ring.

* Dolph Ziggler and Chavo Guerrero vs. Kofi Kingston and Chris Masters – One of these things just doesn’t belong. Beatdown on Masters until a hot tag. Kofi entered with a high springboard clothesline. Double clothesline spot. Dolph made a tag but the ref didn’t see it and put Chavo out – weird to do to the heels of course. Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise on Dolph for the three count.

* A lot of ring and stage setup, including Kane’s pyro corners. Meantime Big Show on the tron, interviewing himself, with him playing Josh Matthews. Kelly told Show Josh was coming do Show hid the mic under his arm. Josh got his mic back, a bit soiled.

* CM Punk with Straight Edge Society, then he sends them to the back. Punk vs. Undertaker – Punk cut off the usual moves, but got chokeslammed for two. Taker went for the tombstone, but Punk slipped out and hit the GTS. Punk slow to cover, and Taker got the Hell’s Gate for the tap.

* Undertaker went to pose and Kane’s pyro went off with his laughter filling the arena like Joker’s laugh box from 1989’s Batman. That’s where Smackdown ends.

NXT: Season 3, Episode One Thoughts

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NXT Season 3, Episode One

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Alright, here’s the deal: I’m not big on providing segment-by-segment, play-by-play recap coverage. It’s just something I don’t do. I’ll let those much better than me, such as Scott Keith (www.rspwfaq.com) do that. Instead, I’ll give my opinions in a more ‘hit and miss’ format that lays everything out there pretty cut and dry. So, without further ado, here is the recap for NXT, Season 3, Episode One.


Vickie Guerrero and Kaitlyn: Okay, first things first: Kaitlyn is HOT. It may not be the least sexist thing to say but I’m still a guy and she’s still hot. Now, back to the show. A lot of people were disappointed when Aloisia was taken off of the show because she was something a little different than the other Divas. While no one is arguing that, I think the decision to replace her with Kaitlyn (real name: Celeste Bonin) was a fantastic one based last night’s show. For someone who was signed just SIX weeks ago, she seemed very comfortable on camera, displayed very good facial expressions, and a funny side (the Elaine ‘Seinfeld’ reference during the dance-off was awesome). The dynamic of her playing Vickie’s little lap dog should be fun in the coming weeks.

Naomi: This young woman may have won the entire competition in one night. Whether she was positioned as the favorite from the minute she was teamed with Kelly Kelly or not, the Baltimore crowd was very into her, giving her a very good reaction several times throughout the show. She showcased her athleticism several times and seemed very comfortable both in front of the camera and inside the ring. While the ending of the tag match, in which she teamed with Kelly Kelly to face Alicia Fox and Maxine, may have been botched, the blame on that can go to several more experienced people both involved in the match and around ringside. If she can repeat her performance from tonight for the next eleven weeks, she will have the competiton wrapped up rather easily.


Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox,  and Aaron Mahoney: A lot of the negativity surrounding the show was based on botches during the two matches. The botched ending to the Kelly/Naomi vs. Maxine/Alicia match could have been prevented had the more established, veteran performers involved played their part. Alicia Fox and Kelly missed their cues with Alicia’s rather miserable attempt to break up the pin failing miserably. Then, rather than stopping Naomi and Maxine from continuing after the three count, referee Aaron Mahoney allowed them to continue. The whole ordeal looked bad and made the rookie divas look bad when, in reality, they were in the right.

AJ Lee & Primo vs. Aksana & Goldust: There was nothing WRONG with the match. Aksana may not be the most skilled, and she most certainly has a unique style of offense. The botch at the end came on a move that any wrestler not named Rey Mysterio could have screwed up. The reason this is in the MISSES side of the list has to do with the disappointing time given to it: 1:55. AJ looked solid and the fans were behind her but little can be showcased in the short amount of time provided. Which leads me to…

Time Management/Challenge Segments: In the first two seasons of NXT, the male performers had a generous amount of training before being put on TV. The Divas involved in this season do not have the privilege. Instead, they were thrust onto TV and left to string together matches for fans to enjoy. How they can string those matches together without botches and with a fluidity to them in the 1-3 minutes allowed, I will never know. Having to rush to get every  spot in in the span of 180 seconds is only asking for embarassing botches and mistakes that make WWE’s third most important show appear minior league. As for the challenges, the less said the better. Although, as I said before, Naomi impressed, as did AJ and Kaitlyn’s use of the ‘Elaine Dance’ was hilarious. And Michael Cole, please go fishing with Shawn Michaels more often. Please stay out of the ring and out of the leg warmers. While we’re at it, stay out of the arena and off my TV, too.

Billy Gunn

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There will be several reports on Billy Gunn made throughout the course of the day. Since this isn’t TMZ or any other gossip-mongering website, those reports won’t be found here.

Reason for Aloisia’s disappearance from NXT roster

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According to several reports, the excuse that the 6’9″ Aloisia (real name: Lindsay Hayward) had been removed from the NXT roster for being ‘too green’ for television is simply a cover-up for the real reason. PWInsider is reporting that the giant Diva was removed due to several explicit, adult photographs that were uncovered AFTER her debut on last week’s episode. The photos do not fit into the family-friendly image of WWE and therefore, the decision was made to remove her from TV. No word on whether or not she will be released or remain in FCW.

Hulk Hogan Hospitalized

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Earlier this morning, professional wrestling legend Hulk Hogan was admited to a Clearwater, Florida hospital. Over the course of the last week, he had been suffering from near debilitating back pain and today, he was unable to get himself out of bed. His girlfriend called the ambulence and Hogan was immediately admitted to the hospital. Hogan had missed the TNA No Surrender pay-per-view last night.